Roccheggiani Air Handling Units Ireland

Sirus Ireland supply, install and service Air Handling Units (AHU’s), High-Efficiency Heat Pumps, Fan Coil Units, Heat Recovery Units, Chilled Beams, Air Purification Technologies and more from the Roccheggiani range.

Roccheggiani Air Handling Units Ireland

Founded in 1958, Roccheggiani is today a market leader in the manufacturing of HVAC air products and air handling systems, exporting to more than 30 countries around the world.

Roccheggiani design and produce everything in-house within their three highly automated production units (a total of about 32,000 m2). These include advanced lines for profiling, extrusion, moulding, punching, robot-controlled panelling and press-forming, laser cutting and welding.

Roccheggiani has always invested in research and technology and the technical support and level of customisation offered, from design to start-up and service, is unrivalled.

Among the first in the world to have a climate chamber made according to the criteria of the EN15116 standard, the company has a state-of-the-art laboratory for testing the performance of the air handling units, which allows accurate monitoring of all the performance characteristics of standard and bespoke units.

Roccheggiani’s technologies for air purification span from systems that can be fitted on air handling units to stand-alone units designed to serve a great variety of indoor environments.

Along with their standard offering, Roccheggiani also specialises in manufacturing customised solutions, such as:

  • Air Handling Units (AHU’s) suitable for use within hospitals, pharmaceutical plants and applications where the highest hygiene has to be ensured.
  • Dedicated systems for Commercial Offices and Hotels using high-efficiency Heat Recovery Units and in-house designed Chilled Beams.
  • AHU’s for Marine applications.
  • AHU’s for Oil & Gas extraction plants, both off- and on-shore.
  • AHU’s for Nuclear Power Plants (designed to guarantee a 40-year lifespan).
  • AHU’s that are highly resistant to corrosion, designed to facilitate internal washing and sterilisation in the Food Industry.

Sirus supply, install, service and maintain Air Handling Units and other air products in Ireland. All air handling units can be supplied with the control equipment already installed and wired on the machine.

Sirus can also offer design assistance including piping and AHU design if required. Our in-house design capabilities include CAD, Revit & BIM. Contact us today for a quote.

Air Handling Units Ireland

Air Handling Units Ireland

AHU’s designed according to the highest standards to ensure the best performance, even under the most demanding conditions.

High Efficiency Heat Pump by Roccheggiani

High Efficiency Heat Pumps

Designed to guarantee proper all year round air conditioning, air renewal and purification inside buildings, particularly in large areas.

Fan Coil Unit by Roccheggiani

Fan Coil Units

This device provides an ideal solution for spaces in need of low height application of an Air Conditioning system.

Roccheggiani Air Handling Unit with Triple-Stage Heat Recovery and Heat Pump

AHU inc. Heat Recovery + Heat Pump

Air Handling Units equipped with a thermal hygroscopic wheel with efficiencies up to 85% and perform a further stage of heat recovery by the means of a fully integrated refrigerant/heat pump system.

Highly Efficient Chilled Beam by Roccheggiani

Highly Efficient Chilled Beams

Roccheggiani chilled beams are equipped with a unique patented directional air jet to control the air flow direction without reducing performance, optimising energy efficiency and temperature control.

Perforated Duct by Roccheggiani

Perforated Ducts + Air Distribution

Roccheggiani manufactures a unique perforated circular modular ductwork, combining ducting function and high inductive air diffusion in one high-efficiency aesthetical solution.

Air Purification Technologies

REME HALO LED Air Purification Technology

REME Air Purification Technology

This plug-in device includes a UV LED cell and combines Photo-Hydro-Ionization (PHI) Technology and Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy (REME) Technology to promote the generation of an oxidizing plasma which is extremely effective in cleaning the air from polluting elements including airborne bacteria, viruses, moulds, odours, VOCs & smoke.

Plug in air purification technology PHI

PHI Air Purification Technology

This plug-in device consists of a UV cell and catalyst made of 4 different metals (titanium, silver, rhodium, copper). Photo-Hydro-Ionization (PHI) Technology is effective against bacteria, viruses, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) enabling robust action towards improving indoor air quality (IAQ).
STERI-LITE Air Purification Technology

Steri-Lite Air Purification Technology

Steri-Lite Technology, the ultimate solution for air purification, uses very high output UV-C lamps (up to 20.000 μJ/cm2) for air sterilization and disinfection. Steri-Lite modules can be installed within Roccheggiani’s AHUs and prove extremely effective in eliminating viruses, microbes, airborne, polluting compounds (NOx) and odours.

Air Handling Units Ireland – built by Roccheggiani

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