Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Sirus 1-hour CPD seminars & webinars are designed to keep professionals informed of the latest energy-efficient HVAC & BMS technology.

The following CPD courses are approved by The CPD Certification Service and can be run as seminars or webinars, publicly or privately at a venue of your choice.

If you would like to arrange a Sirus Lunch & Learn session to be run at your company premises or presented via Microsoft Teams, please contact us.

CPD CERTIFIED - The CPD Certification Service
Commercial Heat Pumps



This CPD Approved course provides an overview of the fundamentals of heat pump technology – recovering waste heat from processes and buildings and reusing it. Participants will learn about the efficiencies of combined heating and cooling, magnetic-bearing compressors and the environmental benefits of using CO2 as a refrigerant.

This course includes a review of operating case studies and examples of where heat pumps can be applied for maximum return on investment. It explores the ideal applications for High Temperature and Medium Temperature Heat Pumps, including industrial applications with a heating and cooling load, pharmaceutical buildings, hospitals, and district heating projects. It aims to assist participants in identifying opportunities to turn waste from one process into energy for another, working towards the common goal of a sustainable future.

Course Content:

1. Introduction
2. Natural Heat Sources & Heat Recovery
3. Heat Pump Principles
4. CO2 as a Refrigerant
5. Magnetic-bearing Heat Pumps
6. Benefits of Heat Pump Technology
7. Systems Schematics
8. Water Source Heat Pump Applications

ENGIE Water-cooled QUANTUM Chiller



This CPD Approved course provides an overview of the refrigeration cycle and the advantages of magnetic-bearing chiller compressors.

The use of oil-free compressors with non-contact magnetic levitation bearings results in higher efficiencies, less complexity and reduced chiller maintenance.

With reduced refrigerant capacities, these chillers are sustainable and are available in a selection of future-proof refrigerants.

This course includes examples of installed and operating projects and their savings achieved.

It aims to highlight the most energy-efficient water-cooled and air-cooled chillers available today – chillers that are not only efficient at cooling but can also be converted to heat pumps!

Course Content:

1. Refrigeration Overview
2. Magnetic-Bearing Compressors
3. Air-cooled Chiller Components
4. Water-cooled Chiller Components
5. Remote Monitoring
6. Heat Recovery
7. Benefits of Magnetic-Bearing Chillers
8. Installed & Operating Projects

Smart Buildings & IoT Security



A Smart Building is a dynamic entity and an ever-expanding ecosystem. Devices of varying ages “talk to” and depend on each other, sharing data and responding to various needs.

In this CPD Approved course, we look at the evolution of building automation and explore the endless possibilities of IoT. We will focus on designing and developing “IoT-ready” buildings today to deliver the self-optimising buildings of tomorrow. Modern, open building automation systems using IoT in the Cloud require greater security to protect against cyber threats – this course also touches on how Blockchain works to ensure system integrity is maintained.

Course Content:

1. Introduction
2. Digital Transformation
3. IoT-ready Buildings
4. Examples of IoT Application
5. Smart IoT Devices
6. Security + Blockchain
7. Master System Integrator
8. Summary

Delivering Optimal IAQ with Air Purification Technologies



Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been a significant environmental issue for years, and indoor air contamination is proven to lead to the phenomenon of sick building syndrome.

The use of ventilation, filtration, and source control are the primary methods for improving IAQ in most buildings.

In this CPD Approved course, we look at the various airstream disinfection technologies available to control the airborne spread of viruses in buildings.

We also give an overview of the key considerations to successfully implement air purification solutions for improved IAQ and enhanced protection.

Course Content:

1. Introduction
2. Air Pollutants
3. Air Purification Technologies
4. Retrofitting & Applications
5. Technology Comparison

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