CO2 High Temperature Heat Pumps

CO2 High Temperature Heat Pumps work exclusively with the future safe, environmentally friendly refrigerant R-744 (CO2). These high-temperature heat pumps provide hot water temperatures up to 110°C using various heat sources.


Heat pumps, a technology that has proven itself over many decades, can efficiently convert electrical energy into heat and simultaneously provide cold – without exhaust fumes, particulate emissions or appreciable heat losses.

The new temperature range and carbon dioxide, the future-proof refrigerant used in thermeco2 chillers and high-temperature heat pumps, is opening up new economic applications for this fascinating technology.

Thermeco2 high-temperature heat pumps work exclusively with environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2 (R-744) and provide hot water temperatures of up to 110°C using various heat sources, e.g. outside air, process heat.

Low heating return temperatures in the so-called transcritical CO2 recycle process results in lower energy loss than conventional heat pumps with a subcritical cycle.

Heating processes such as drinking water preparation and process water heating allow low return temperatures and can, therefore, be implemented with higher-performance CO heat pumps.

The benefits of CO2 Heat Pumps and CO2 Chillers include:

  • Carbon Dioxide is a natural, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional refrigerants.
  • Effective refrigeration with simultaneous heat production to a high-temperature level.
  • Effective heat recovery using industrial waste heat sources and wastewater.
  • Reduction of CO pollutant emissions through oil and gas savings.
  • Highly cost-effective with a short payback period.
  • Premium quality, designed and produced in Germany in line with ISO 9001:2008.
  • Plant-side quality inspections such as pressure strength tests, leak tests and electrical tests are certified.
  • State-of-the-art control technology including remote monitoring.
  • Compact design.

Energy flow within a heat pump

Energy Flow within a Heat Pump
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