Case Study

Brown Thomas:
Turnkey Heat Pump Installation

The Cork branch of luxury department store Brown Thomas was originally designed to have its heating loads satisfied by heat emitted from lights throughout the building along with general heat gains from people and equipment. After replacing these energy intensive lights with energy-efficient LEDs the indirect heating provided by the lights was a “necessary” heat requirement in the winter.

For cooling, Brown Thomas had been using a Hitachi conventional screw type compressor chiller 300kW. There was also a redundant decommissioned chiller (R22 refrigerant gas) on the roof which required replacement. Sirus was contracted to replace the old R22 Chiller with an efficient solution that would provide both heating in winter and cooling in summer.

The Solution

Sirus selected an Engie Pensum Heat Pump with the following specification:

  • 294.4 kW cooling capacity (ESEER of 3.62).
  • 277.0 kW heating capacity (SCOP of 3.31).
  • Tied into BMS system for optimum operation.

This project involved:

  • Supply, Installation including crane lifting onto the roof and Commissioning of Engie Pensum Heat Pump.
  • Cranage of old R22 chiller off the roof.
  • Recovering and correct disposal of old R22 chiller.
  • Traffic management and road closure in conjunction with Cork City Council.
  • Upgrade of the primary pump set.
  • Installation of new pump sets, pipework, insulation and electrical components.


The Result

By replacing the decommissioned R22 chiller with a new energy-efficient Engie Pensum Heat Pump, Brown Thomas can now heat the building in winter and cool it during the summer with the same machine (the heat pump). An existing Chiller (300kW) was kept (thus avoiding additional capital expenditure) and is used as a standby chiller in case that further cooling is required in summer.

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