Case Study

Global Beverage Manufacturing Company:
Building Automation Solution

This case study refers to a large-scale project that Sirus completed for a key player in the food and beverage market.

In 2022, this company opened their first manufacturing plant in Ireland. The new site contributes to their global raw materials and ingredients sourcing and serves as a beverage concentrate production centre. The designated site was a former distribution centre with an impressive floor area. Much of the additional space is taken up by a new mezzanine floor to accommodate air handling units and new platforming for internal storage and manufacturing tankage.

The Building Automation Solution

Sirus engineered, installed and commissioned a high value building automation solution including BMS and field devices from SAUTER. At the core of the solution the modulo system, tailored to the facility’s technical requirements monitors, controls and regulates the HVAC technology. The decision in favour of the modulo 6 solution was based on integration options offering the highest security standard.

Approximately 1,000 hardwired IO and 200 BACnet/IP virtual IO spread across more than a dozen air handling units and utility systems, each with their own control cabinet. The inbuilt RS485 interface on the modulo 6 controller, in this case used for Modbus RTU integration of the air conditioning system, proved particularly flexible and efficient.

The modulo 6 automation stations process the data and communicate it to the SAUTER Vision Center (SVC) building management system. The architecture of the building management system maps the structure of the site and enabled the installation and visualisation of additional modulo 6 controllers in the electricity system.

Besides works on the site’s architecture, the existing electrical infrastructure was upgraded and a new wastewater treatment plant as well as new firewater protection facilities were installed.

The Result

A project of this size depends on many people: Staff, design and construction suppliers and community neighbours all play an integral role. They did so despite the extraordinary challenges caused by the pandemic.

The facility was opened in June 2022, two years after the construction started, and has since been the centre of the customer’s global supply chain and manufactures concentrate, a critical component of their beverages.

The modulo 6 building automation designed, installed and commissioned by Sirus has been running since day one. The high-end building management system allows for future expansion and the addition of points.

Features of SAUTER Vision Center (SVC) such as customised dashboards, an advanced energy module and user-specific evaluations provide key information at a glance and contribute to the energy-efficient operation of this state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

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