Digital Realty

Case Study

Digital Realty:
Data Centre BMS Upgrade

Sirus undertook the upgrade of BMS at Digital Realty’s Blanchardstown Data Centre in 2013/14.

The main requirement was to extend the life of the facility and enhance the controls package appearance, functionality, capacity reporting & connectivity.

The Solution

This project was conducted in a live environment and involved upgrading an old Cylon BMS to current Unitron Series Controllers.

Modbus interfaces with chillers etc. include:

  • Edpac CCU’s (Carel Controllers)
  • Stutz CCU’s (C1002 controllers via a MIB network controller)
  • Sitewide PDU metering (c.200 meters via a North Integrator back Cylon via Modbus)
  • Leak Detection (Tyco TTDM128)

The system is also integrated with site data historian.

Extensive metering/monitoring was achieved, including hard and soft solutions:

  • 200 DPU meters
  • Utilities metering
  • UPS metering
  • Real-time PUE / COP
  • % Capacity Data Suite alerting

In addition to the site upgrade, Sirus completed a Chilled Water System upgrade that ran in parallel with the site upgrade project. This involved a system redesign and change of system operation principles from a 3 port to a 2 port distribution solution. This involved 2# new MCC/DPU’s specifically for the CHW system, all delivered with zero downtime.

The Result

Sirus delivered a greatly enhanced and more user-friendly solution with on and offsite web connectivity with a more robust alerting solution that provides on-call technicians instantaneous plant status anywhere internet connectivity is available.

This project was successfully delivered in a Live Data Centre Environment, where the main requirement of zero downtime was achieved thanks to the cooperation between Sirus and Facilities Engineers.

“The solution was delivered with no downtime thanks to the extensive cooperation between Sirus & Facilities’ Engineers”

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