Case Study

Irish Naval Services – LÉ Róisín P51:
AHU Replacement

The Naval Service is the State’s principal seagoing agency with a general responsibility to meet contingent and actual maritime defence requirements. It is tasked with a variety of defence and other roles. The NS Fleet keeps the tradition of naming its vessels after famous women from Irish and Celtic mythology. Currently, the Naval Service operates eight ships:

  • LÉ Eithne P 31
  • LÉ Orla P 41
  • LÉ Cíara P 42
  • LÉ Róisín P 51
  • LÉ Niamh P 52
  • LÉ Samuel Beckett P61
  • LÉ James Joyce P62

The Solution

This project required the replacement of the existing Air Handling Unit (AHU), ductwork, pipework, and BMS in the LÉ Róisín. In 2017, Sirus was selected through public procurement tender to provide the design, project management and commissioning of the new AHU installation as well as the BMS and electrical distribution for this project. The main challenge of this project was operating in the confined space of the LÉ Róisín plant room while also completing the project under the strict time constraints so that the ship was commissioned and operating in time for its next mission.

The Result

This project was delivered on time, with full scope installed and commissioned, and within budget.

Due to the success of this project, the Irish Naval Services have also offered Sirus the contract to carry out the same project on the LÉ Róisín’s sister ship, the LÉ Niamh P 52 in 2019.




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