Case Study

Sberbank of Russia: Data Centre BMS Engineering & Commissioning

Sberbank is one of the largest financial institutions in Russia. Their data centre, the largest datacenter in Europe, is constructed within an existing campus facility in Yuzhny Port in Moscow. The Data Centre consists of three floors of white space, a floor with electrical installations and a floor of support facilities.

The Solution

The Data Centre reliability:
  • meets and exceeds Tier I and Tier II requirements;
  • is designed with multiple independent paths for IT Equipment;
  • achieves expected availability of 99.982%.
The total area of the data centre facility is approximately 16,500 sq. metres, while the total IT room space covers 5,000 sq. metres. Successful cooperation of Russian and Irish construction teams has made it possible to build a unique complex data center in a very short 15 month period. The system consisted of 27 Primary Air Handling Units (PAHU) for the cooling of the data centre across 5 floors. Each PAHU has its own electrical and control panel with Siemens PX BMS controllers. Each PAHU consisted of a primary and secondary air supply, through a heat exchanger. One of the main challenges was climate: extreme temperatures, from -30°C to +40°C, mean that the BMS needs to be a well-commissioned system. Each PAHU contains:
  • mixing section
  • heat exchanger
  • adiabatic cooling
  • humidifier
  • two DX coils supplied by DX units with Turbocor compressors
  • 8 fans (4 on the primary and 4 on the secondary)
The BMS communicates using BACnet over LON and BACnet over IP. Dynamic control of PAHU’s supply and return fans is achieved using integrated variable speed drives for control of flow rate. The BMS is integrated with a site data historian.

The Result

The solutions supporting the data centre are based on the most effective energy-saving technologies available. These are in line with global best practices. Very strict requirements are met regarding reliability and sustainability. Sirus successfully delivered this data centre BMS project in a client defined timeframe.


VSD drives on PAHU's

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