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Tyndall National Institute: HVAC and BMS Maintenance

Tyndall National Institute in Cork is one of Europe’s leading research centres, specialising in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hardware research, commercialisation of technology and the education of next generation researchers. Tyndall has a critical mass of over 420 researchers, engineers, students and support staff. The Institute is sited in Cork City centre at the historic Lee Maltings complex beside the River Lee. The site comprises a number of listed structures and a new modern laboratory complex. The new building doubles the laboratory space available at Tyndall and provides state-of-the-art R&D facilities. The new building has a major new cleanroom for flexible semiconductor device fabrication, clean space for device packaging and test facilities to industrial standards. The Tyndall National Institute is a world-class facility and requires specialist service providers to maintain and develop a building with such high demands. Sirus has been providing specialist service to Tyndall since 2002.

The Solution

Sirus provides Tyndall Institute with maintenance services for HVAC equipment, BMS and other specialist laboratory equipment. Sirus is also significantly involved in the on-going development and energy optimisation of the site. Works include:
  • BMS design, installation, maintenance and upgrade,
  • HVAC maintenance, balancing, commissioning, validation and system optimisation.
  • Energy-related projects,
  • AHUs commissioning and balancing,
  • Fume cupboard maintenance,
  • HEPA filters testing,
  • HVAC supply and installation, commissioning and validation,
  • 24h Service call out.

The Result

Sirus successfully delivered BMS projects both large and small including upgrading 3 BMS platforms and upgrading the BMS supervisor application to the latest Siemens offering; Desigo CC. This state of the art, future proofed BMS system gives Tyndall the opportunity to integrate Fire Alarm, Access, Security, CCTV and BMS on one application.

“Sirus, as the HVAC & BMS specialist maintenance provider to Tyndall National Institute, contributes significantly to the on-going development and energy optimisation of the site…”

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