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Case Study

White Water Shopping Centre:
BMS Design, Install & Commission

White Water Shopping Centre in Newbridge, Co Kildare is a bright, modern complex housing over 70 stores, a 6-screen cinema, 17 eateries and a multi-storey car park. In 2021, Sirus was engaged to carry out an upgrade on the building management system (BMS) that had been in place since the complex opened in 2006.

The Solution

This Sauter modulo 6 installation consisted of 6 MCC panels, all originally housing Andover controllers, and subsequently upgraded to the Sauter EY6AS80F021 automation Station and its locally expandable I/O modules. This allowed for the sleek and neat install to each MCC panel outlined in the images below.

Various HVAC systems were all controlled and monitored through each individual MCC. The variety of different systems were as follows:

  • 4 no. fresh and return air mixing AHU with recuperator
  • 3 no. fresh and return air mixing AHU with modulating dampers
  • 6 no. AHU gas-fired burners
  • 1 no. Chiller
  • 24 no. Corridor extract fans & basement extract fans
  • 10 no. Carpark extract fans
  • 12 no. Fire smoke fans
  • 5 no. Boilers
  • 2 no. LPHW Pump sets

The above is a list of the main plant which was existing but had many of their associated devices deteriorate over time. Sirus provided all new associated field devices for each individual system.

Modbus electrical metering was also added to each panel to allow for energy monitoring with ease of connection to the compact modulo 6 EY6AS80F021 automation station.

The Result

Sirus completed all automation design through the Sauter Case Suite programme along with the installation of field devices and associated graphic design for frontend client monitoring. The Sauter Vision Centre (SVC) was implemented on the frontend desktop to allow for user-friendly client control.

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