SAUTER Smart Sensor viaSens

The Smart Sensor viaSens combines cutting-edge sensor technology, connectivity, networking and communication in a device the size of a normal presence detector. Six sensors measure the ambient conditions and an LED light ring indicates the state of a room, prompting the appropriate response.


The six sensors in the Smart Sensor viaSens take various readings for a room and the surroundings and record:

  1. Temperature (Far Infrared [FIR] sensor & semiconductor sensor)
  2. Humidity (For calculating enthalpy)
  3. Room Air Quality (VOC sensor with VOC index of 0…500)
  4. Presence/Motion (Passive Infrared [PIR] presence and motion sensor)
  5. Brightness (Luminous Flux [LUX] sensor)
  6. Noise (Sound Pressure Level [SPL] sensor)

Equipped with these senses, the multi-sensor monitors the areas around it and therefore allows digital buildings to be operated efficiently. Linking up data for multiple variables is referred to as “sensor fusion”. The temperature and humidity values are used, for example, to calculate enthalpy – a measure for creating a comfortable indoor climate. Combining the values of an infrared motion sensor (PIR) and noise level sensor generates a reliable presence signal. This means that even people sitting at their desks can also be detected. Integration in the building automation system through a wireless Bluetooth Mesh network enables real-time monitoring and room automation. This improves the climate in smart buildings, creates additional automation options and reduces resource consumption.

The SAUTER Smart Sensor viaSens dovetails six different physical measurements, the LED ring, the mobile app, the Mesh network and IoT integration to form a new system of sensory room elements. This smart sensor has been long awaited by many applications in the realm of digital buildings.

SAUTER Smart Sensor

The features of the Smart Sensor viaSens include:

  • Sensor fusion.
  • Bluetooth beacon* for localisation in the building.
  • Multi-colour LED ring for communication with users.
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth Mesh network.
  • IoT integration for room automation or cloud with MQTT.

*The beacon technology is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It enables automated, energy-saving identification between transmitters (beacons) and receivers (smartphones) for localisation. The receiver calls upon geographical data to retrieve relevant app information from the cloud. It is then made available for local room control (via Mobile Building Services) and for use in other applications.

Communication through an LED ring, smartphone and beacon technology

The Smart Sensor viaSens does not simply monitor its surroundings, it has also been developed to communicate with people in its area. The LED ring provides visual feedback on the room and sensor status. Different colours and ring segments can be configured to signal certain conditions. For example, this might be to prompt ventilation of the room or to show which workstations are free in shared work environments. Together with the SAUTER ecos room controller, it can regulate indoor climate and lighting systems or direct cleaning staff past unused areas not requiring attention. The applications possible for the LED ring are diverse.

Individual room control is performed on the room user’s smartphone or tablet. The SAUTER Mobile Room Control app – available as part of SAUTER Mobile Building Services – captures the signal from the integrated Bluetooth beacon. Therefore, the app automatically detects the nearest multi-sensor and permits selective room operation. Locating the user via smartphone also means that the stored user profile can be configured to the room. Thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication), the sensor can be configured before fitting, without a power supply using a smartphone.

Intelligently networked sensory equipment with IoT and cloud connection

The multi-sensor features the very best in wireless technology for easy integration in the SAUTER room automation. In the Bluetooth Mesh network, all the multi-sensors function as “Mesh nodes”, therefore, they transmit the received measurements wirelessly to the multi-sensor gateway in the Mesh network. This also forms the interface to the SAUTER room automation.

Ethernet-based field device communication with the SAUTER automation station is another technical first. The same IoT mechanisms and MQTT protocol of the sensor network also enable the use of Smart Sensor viaSens in cloud applications.

The outward Ethernet interface and inward BLE Mesh network also give the wireless communicating multi-sensors IoT capability. Connection to the IP network paves the way for extensive integration in the ecos room automation system, modulo 6 building automation system – i.e. the installation technology – and in the SAUTER Cloud. SAUTER room automation features different communication interfaces so sensor information is also available in systems such as BACnet and KNX.

Round-the-clock applications for the Smart Sensor viaSens in digital buildings


Shared workplaces are a hive of activity. Finding a space, however, is not a problem with the multi-sensor and its green LED ring signalling which work areas are free.


At school, classrooms are aired regularly. If the air quality drops, the multi-sensor with the red LED ring suggests opening the windows.


In a hotel, the multi-sensor detects that the guest is present. The integrated beacon means that the guest’s smartphone recognises which room they are in. Individual operation of the room functions is also enabled.


It is evening and there is hardly any staff left in the building. A multi-sensor in the lobby registers little or no movement and so the brightness
of the lights are turned down.


Facility management optimises the deployment of cleaning staff. The blue LED ring of the multisensor shows which rooms were occupied and therefore need to be cleaned.

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