Desigo CC – Here’s Why You Should Upgrade

The evolution from automated to smart and self-adaptive buildings is currently in progress. Smart buildings create environments that can interact with their occupants, learn from them and ultimately adapt to their changing needs. Siemens Desigo CC provides the technology backbone for your smart building infrastructure, by providing an open, powerful and up-to-date platform to increase comfort, efficiency, resilience and safety. Aside from making your building smarter, here are some more reasons why you should upgrade…

1. Siemens Desigo Insight is Now Obsolete

Siemens Desigo Insight is being phased out and it is now in its retirement phase. This means no new features, service releases or patches will be available. Support is only available for version 6.x of Desigo Insight and support has ended for all earlier versions so we recommend sites are upgraded to this version now. Project license changes, e.g. upgrades and extensions, will be possible up to 30 September 2021. Support for the latest release of Desigo Insight V6 will only be available up until 23 December 2022.

2. Security

As with all software, staying up to date with security and service patches is vital to ensuring that you don’t leave your assets vulnerable to cyber attacks. You can protect your systems from complex cybersecurity threats by upgrading your legacy software to Siemens Desigo CC.

3. Regulatory

Desigo CC provides a four-eyes principle for validated and monitored objects for projects where pharmaceutical or critical security applications are required. A change, save, or command of a validated object must be confirmed and commented by a second user.

4. Open Platform

Unlike proprietary systems, Desigo CC was designed to be completely open, offering ultimate flexibility with easy integration to building automation, fire and life safety, and other systems.

Desigo CC is a completely future-proof investment with openness for new technologies and services.

Siemens Desigo

5. Seamless Integration of Subsystems

Desigo CC allows the fast integration of subsystems, such as the new connectivity extension modules for KNX over IP and M-bus TCP/IP, in addition to BACnet, OPC, Modbus and SNMP modules. Connect and represent common building automation devices with dedicated graphic templates using a set of libraries.

6. Easy To Use Responsive Interface

The HTML5 Web-based Client works on multiple devices, operating systems and web browsers supporting touch operation as well as keyboard/mouse operation. You can access your building securely via any device anywhere in the world. The Desigo CC App offers the possibility to view events and command via mobile devices.

7. Multidiscipline Support

This means you can leverage data from multiple building systems including fire safety, power and energy management, lighting, shading, IP Cameras and HVAC. Desigo CC turns buildings into living environments that can interact with their occupants and adapt to their changing needs by collecting and analyzing building-generated data. The integration of all disciplines ensures a safe and comfortable environment.

8. Manage Power and Energy

To manage consumption, quality and stability, the latest version of the Desigo CC building management platform comes with the Powermanager module. This module helps spot and anticipate the need for action in a simple manner with its dashboards in combination with an alarm function. In addition, the latest version of Desigo CC has a new, intuitive cloud application, which allows operators to control and react to alarms and events from multiple buildings.

9. EN 15232 Standard Compliance

The EN 15232 norm “Energy Performance of Buildings – Impact of Building Automation, Control, and Building Management” was introduced to better leverage the energy-saving potential for control and operation of buildings. The demand-based control strategy in Desigo CC can contribute to meeting the requirements of EN 15232 in the highest efficiency classes.
BACS efficiency classes EN 15232

10. Intuitive Interface

Desigo CC provides a consistent workflow and standardized interfaces.

11. Advanced Visualisation Tools

You can visualize real-time values with 3D models and 360 view. Use your digital twin asset for the building’s lifecycle.

12. Robust and Scalable

Desigo CC is scalable for buildings and campuses of all shapes and sizes – and it’s ready to expand according to your needs ensuring security of your initial investment.
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