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Case Study

The Plaza Hotel:
BMS Design, Install, Commission – Sauter modulo 6

The 4 star Plaza Hotel in Tallaght is a modern hotel in South County Dublin with spectacular views of the Dublin & Wicklow mountains. In 2019, Sirus was engaged to install a Building Management System to efficiently control the hotels heating systems and maintain a comfortable ambience for all visitors.

The Solution – Sauter modulo 6

The Sauter BMS installation consisted of an East & West Boiler House from the initial mechanical installation to the BMS integration with the newly installed mechanical plant.

Each of the boiler houses consisted of the following:

  • 3 no. Hamworthy Stratton LPHW boilers
  • 2 no. Cosmo Gas Aquaden fired HWS
  • Associated LPHW & HWS pumps c/w VSD’s

Both boiler houses were fitted with a new DPU housing (Figure 1) the Sauter modulo 6 generation of controllers with the required I/O modules allowing efficient control of LPHW Boilers supplying LPHW to AHUs and radiators circuits for all floors & the HWS system.

As can be seen from the photos in Figure 1 below, the layout and size of the Sauter modulo 6 Controllers and I/O modules allow for smaller panel requirements while leaving room for expansion. Sauter modulo 6 can be extended to take up to 26 I/O modules if required.

The 3rd Floor Boiler House was a retrofit of an existing panel that needed an upgrade. The original panel housed a Trend IQ250 with an available I/O count of 96. This has been retrofitted with Sauter modulo 6 generation of controllers (Figure 2) with an available I/O count of 60 with room for expansion.

This panel controls both East & West side existing plant such as extract fans, HWS valves for buffer tanks & radiator circuit valves for individual floors. This results in efficient control of heating and a comfortable ambient temperature.

Sirus BMS Engineers used the Sauter modulo 6 App which enhances fault finding for issues and callouts and contains a useful augmented reality feature.

The Result

This Sauter BMS project was successfully delivered by Sirus.

The images below show the advantage of the smaller controller sizes, allowing for the option of smaller panels and therefore reducing cost.

Figure 1: Sauter Modulo 6 Installed in Panel at The Plaza Hotel East & West Boiler House

Figure 1: Panel in East & West Boiler House


Figure 2: The Plaza Hotel 3rd Floor Boiler House Panel BEFORE Retrofit

Figure 2: The 3rd Floor Boiler House Retrofit


Figure 2: The Plaza Hotel 3rd Floor Boiler House Panel AFTER Sauter BMS Retrofit

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